Version 1.2 of the "LotusScript Gold Collection" is out. This includes a tool to read and manipulate inline images in a Notes document or form, and a nice (well-tested) class for maintaining a linked list of any type of object. The latter is the first of several standard data structure classes I intend to put in there, and I started with it because I needed it for the other thing.

I've been putting lots of cool stuff in this library, and I now welcome Francesco Marzolo as a new "cook" who wants to build on some of my earlier work to create a tool for synchronizing keyed records. The more the merrier, is what I say!

Incidentally, I saw someone had been looking to download a tool I posted in here for letting a user rearrange a list, which seems to have gone missing. I added this, too, to the LS Gold Collection.

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