Recently OpenNTF hosted a survey. We blogged about some of the responses already. Below is more great feedback we've received:

"I really appreciate all that you do and it has made a HUGE difference to the success of Lotus. Part of this is just being a focus point for the enthusiasm of the community."

"Really useful for out-of-box applications & to improve personal skills."

"OpenNTF is great and belongs to the community. What would we do without OpenNTF?"

"I think the community is great, i check by often to see what ideas people have come up with for Notes/Domino."

"Great side with lot of interesting projects."

"As training is limited everything has to be self-taught and OpenNTF is usually the first port of call for something new."

"Thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors of OpenNTF. It has helped me in ways that many people couldn't even imagine!"

"OpenNTF is an awesome site. Keep up the good work."

"I love the passion for it! And I will be using it some day soon."

"You are all great, keep up the fantastic work!"

"Great job you are doing. Thanks."

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