As part of the XPages development contest sponsored by WebGate Consulting AG which is part of the Appathon sponsored by IBM developerWorks, Paul Withers has contributed a project called XPages OpenLog Logger. Here is Paul's description:

"This project provides code to generate OpenLog errors and events from SSJS or Java. Significant benefits of the project are:
  • The code can reside in an NSF itself or can be deployed to the server as an extension library (OSGi plugin).
  • Providing a custom error page is in use in the application, uncaught SSJS errors (i.e. errors where you don't have a try/catch block) will also be logged.
  • Flexible APIs for caught errors from SSJS.
  • Efficient logging from SSJS - all logging is done in the render response phase and if the same SSJS error / event is triggered multiple times during the JSF lifecycle, it will only be processed once.
  • Static methods for Java access, so no need to create an object before calling the code."

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